ScikoI was being very skeptical about this movie previously. As I see in different blogs, that it should be very good movie. I was wondering how film about health care could be interesting. This one I will recommend to see to anyone.

After I saw the movie and went to the IMDB to check negative comments about the movie. As positive comments were understandable for me, as movie is made in the interesting way (like the way other Moore movies are made). Well, half or even 3/4 of all comments were made by the people, who have not watched the movie. More of them are just blaming that millionaire’s Moore is just playing his games and want to show how good he is. Well I think, that is very good that person who has enough money is talking about the problems actual for entire society (if there were not, there were not any idea to create the movie like this). As usually style to present facts is criticized, but who cares if there exist issues, it means they are exists.

Well, movie is about health care and insurance companies problems at the U.S., someone said that movie just throw out critic, but does not offer any solution, hm I think that Canada, Great Britain, France systems shown in opposite as possible solution. Yes, probably these countries systems were shown only at positive, probably bad examples exist too (I’m not sure as I’m not living there). However what is the purpose of the insurance company, that main target to refuse the insurance, it is a question for me.


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