The men who sold the world.

AriaTonight I’m going to the concert. Concert is going to take place at Ogre, town 40 km near the Riga. Well, there will be my favourite band “Aria” and another band “Alisa” as headliners, I do not know anything about other bands that there will perform before.

However, two things are making me sick.

First, I’m scared about the public that will dominate there, if look at the comments and some forums. Some people even do not know anything about the band “Aria”, most likely they hear some 2 or 3 most famous songs, they know that someday Valeriy Kipelov was band’s singer and they are very amazed with the fact that there is currently another singer Artur Berkut. Some of them even do not know that band has another singer now, some of them are blaming that without Kipelov – “Aria” is not real “Aria”. Certainly Kipelov made a lot of things for band developing and establishing (he has/had very good vocal, I do not think that he is very good live performer by the concert videos I saw), anyway right now he has own band “Kipelov”, from the beginning it smells as pop-project that is started with band name.

Fine, what the band “Kipelov” reached, after singer V.Kipelov went away from “Aria”. They gave hundreds of concerts at former USSR republics, earn a lot of money (that is very good), but before 2005 when their first studio album released, they program mainly consisted of the songs, that are written and belonging to “Aria”. They released album at 2005, that is very controversial and changed all of the members.

Berkut is very good singer too, yes he has different style and in live performance he is a few levels ahead of Kipelov, but it does not make him ‘too bad’ or as they say, that “Berkut is not Aria”.
I understand that Google, Yahoo, etc. are very complicated resources to find the information and clarify the current members of the band, if someone who does not know about the band. If you do not like new singer and do not know anything about the band, what a hell you want to do at the concert ? To join the crowd, and said to the fellows “I’m cool, last week I was at Aria concert”. Grr.

Second, I do not know who is owner of the Ogres Estrade, but marketing tricks are annoying like ‘Rock from Russia’ or ‘Rock-stars from Russia’ as the name for concert. First of all, there are only two bands from Russia (not 4), second “Aria” is heavy-metal, it is not rock. If the rock performers are called rock-stars, it is more like pop-stars. Ogres Estrade homepage was showing for 2 months, photo of the group that is 7 year old, and only two members are at the band now. Weird@!

I hope we will enjoy a concert.


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  1. That’s actually nothing. Ogre has previously made even better tricks, like promoting Whitesnake who actually was not even coming, only one of their former members; also one time they promoted “The Pink Floyd’ which turned out to be a tribute band (fans)!!! 😀 lol


  2. Posted by Sergejs on September 9, 2007 at 9:13 pm

    Yeah Normis, your are right. This place is associating with company “Sharaskina Contora” for me, you should be very watchful, when you are going to the concert there, first make sure that this band will go there, but there are also other things related to organization.
    It’s a pity, but there are not many alternatives in Latvia for them 😦


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