All guns, all guns blazing

Biedrins2007SpainLatvia – Croatia 85:77

Who may predict such result a day before ? I think nobody.

Of course we can talk about the luck for Latvia team and about unused chances by Croatia players. That’s just the fact – Latvia won first important match, there were before 9 consecutive losts at European Championships before. Heh, the most interesting this that was surprise even for me, when I first heard about that fact. Latvia was winner of the European 1935 championship, next cup team defeated at the final. After this Latvia was a part of USSR, of course it was not possible to participate as separate team, as far as I remember, probably I’m wrong, there were not any big success for Latvian basktetball since there.

This win also is not a success, it is first step in success. Before the championship all the predictions were abou the win with Portugal, but Croatia is something different. It is something like Soumi at ice-hockey and eee Spain at football. Great. The game was not one player match, every player gave his best to get the victory, as many were talking about A. Biedrins domination. He played awesome, but without any other member of the team (Helmanis, Vitols, Šķēle, Jahovičš, Blūms, Valters, Veselovs, Janičenoks, Grags) the victory was impossible, as sometime command basketball from them was something.

First step, second step is to win Portugal and qualify from the second place (win on Spain looks like miracle), then one win at second stage should promote to play-off, go figure. For now it looks just as fantastic, but let’s wait and enyoj the running championship.

Photo. Andris Biedrinš (Center, Golden State Warrior, Latvia).

2 responses to this post.

  1. The next two days gave many reasons to enjoy 🙂


  2. Posted by Sergejs on September 6, 2007 at 11:13 am

    ye 😦 as second game result with Spain was very predictable, but yesterday’s game doh 😦 what a performance. Time to go home, as usually.


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