Master of Puppets.

These words is my main thought about the movie “Roger and Me”.

The movie producer is Michael Moore, who is famous with raising US global topics and problems. As far as I notice he is often critized by his style of movie creating (such as facts are being presented in the way they are beneficial to movie line, only negative facts are covered without any positive – one way story), even movie exists “Michael Moore hates America”. I’m not sure about the facts Moore and positive sides that are being or not being covered in his movies. I have seen some of them, I must say, it is very interesting way for me how movie is filmed and presented to viewer (I recommend them for anyone who might be interested in US global problems). But they are not traditional documentary movies, I have stereotype or even bias that main part of documentaries are created by the same scenario. Photos, sometimes video and main actor/producer are mixed at movie and facts are being presented by story-teller (it is not bad) without any action or real live action, of course it is not possible to participate when you are filming ancient story or any other historical event (anyway some of the producers are trying to recreate similar conditions and tell their idea to the viewer).

Moore documentaries are filmed in the other way. They are LIVE. Main actor (Moore) is story-teller and person who is participated in all actions, movie is about. Very fascinating tecnique, that makes viewer to follow the movie line at all the length. I think that most of you will agree with me, who saw Moore’s movies.

Back to the movie, it is telling about city Flint,Michigan and inhabitants. Flint is homeland for world famous corporation “GM”, as it is being shown at the movie almost each family member is working or related to this corporation. Due to the disinvestment, deindustrialization and crisis heads decided to move plants from Flint to Mexico (as great opportunity to pay less for the workers and save a lot), logically such decisions caused huge layoffs and put a lot of people to “no exit” situation, as when you have worked 5,10,20 years at the factory, what else you can do if is closed ?

Movie author is trying to show the problems that are actual for unemployment people, as I see how strongly human crowd (most of us) is related to small group of persons (who are managing plant, corporation, country…). At the movie there were 80,000 employers (number was decreased to 23,000), that were working without any thoughts about future or problems that might be. One day they all became to the position, when you somehow have to find money to get eat, to pay the rent, to survive.

Such disaster is caused by small group of people, who were/are trying to get more income (this is also should be normal behavior) . And how city from being one of the industrial and auto center is turned to the city with one of the highest crime rates and most dangerours at the US.


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